Nintendo to Launch Two New Nintendo Switch Consoles In 2019

Nintendo has plans to release two new models of the Nintendo Switch "as early as this summer", according to a Wall Street Journal report citing "parts suppliers and software developers for Nintendo". The second would be a cheaper, more handheld-oriented version that would be for those looking for the ultimate casual experience - or to replace their decade-old 3DS. One will be cheaper than the Switch now is and will be positioned as a successor to the 3DS, while the other will offer "enhanced features targeted at avid videogamers", which presumably means it'll cost more.

Nintendo will unveil two brand-new Switch consoles during the E3 video game trade event on June 11, according to sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal.

There's no details on how Nintendo intends to make the Switch cheaper.

Over eight years after taking the world by storm, Nintendo's 3DS line appears to be winding down. With the report that Nintendo is also hiring Sharp to handle the displays for these newer models, here's hoping that these devices have a...sharper image to bring to the market. WSJ sources did reveal that this particular model will come with "enhanced features" that are meant for more serious gamers. When players leave, they can bring the Switch with them and keep playing with controllers they can attach to the device.

A source explained to WSJ that the new consoles might not be what you expect.

The report notes that one revised Switch would bring to consumers a smaller and cheaper alternative to Nintendo's hit console, with an eye toward maximum portability. This potential Switch model may cost the costs by stripping away several features, such as HD Rumble. Whether or not that will be at E3 this year, we can only wait and see.

  • Kara Saunders