Pocahontas Endorses Abolition of Electoral College; 'Every Vote Matters'

Supporters of the effort contend that the Electoral College is unfair, and that switching to a national popular vote would bolster direct democracy and make presidential elections more competitive.

"It'll never happen. I guarantee it won't happen for six years", Trump said, referring to his remaining time in office should he win re-election.

Several Democratic lawmakers say Republican leaders' refusal to consider Barack Obama's nominee, Merrick Garland, is tantamount to stealing a Supreme Court seat, and liberal activists have pushed for rebalance through expansion of the court.

The compact only goes into effect when it includes states representing 270 electoral votes, the majority needed to win the White House.

But would scrapping the Electoral College really deliver on her vision? Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said during a CNN town hall at the historically black Jackson State University in MS that abolishing the Electoral College is the only way to make every vote count.

"It requires a constitutional amendment", Delaney told CNN Wednesday.

Detractors-most of whom are Republicans who know that an electoral college favors their candidates and way of life-are sounding off against the move. The system is a step closer to elections decided by a nationwide popular vote.

So, is this simply a case of Democrats trying to change the rules after winning the popular vote but losing the presidency twice in two decades?

On Friday, Colorado became the first swing state to join the group. "There's no question that the popular vote has been diminished in terms of making the final decision about who's the president of the United States, and we need to deal with that".

Critics of the electoral college system say it leads to candidates focusing their campaigns on just a small handful of states.

  • Tracy Klein