Richard Leonard would prefer Labour’s Brexit to a People’s Vote

After dithering for months, Jeremy Corbyn has said he and his party will support a second referendum to avoid what he calls "a damaging Tory Brexit".

Just 204 of the party's 313 MPs who were eligible to vote backed the measure. If the path to a People's Vote, is indeed as narrow as the cliental of Westminster's pubs and bars think; why is the feeling, amongst Labour Parliamentarians, so optimistic that this is where the Brexit: Endgame is moving towards?

When will there be serious engagement with people living in the north and in the Midlands who vote Labour but also voted for Brexit?

The fall-out of the less-than-perfect deal can then be cast as the Conservatives' making.

"This ticks every single box and is the only credible proposal on the table right now", Kyle said.

May said any extension, not beyond the end of June, would nearly certainly have to be a one-off and that her government must honour the decision to leave the European Union because the credibility of British democracy was at stake.

"Disappointed the government has rejected Labour's alternative Brexit deal", Labour's Brexit spokesman, Keir Starmer, said.

On Tuesday, she told the House of Commons that she believed a final deal was still possible before March 29, but she acknowledged that many MPs have become "genuinely anxious that time is running out" and that businesses are growing uneasy about the prospect of a no-deal Brexit.

Thornberry said she would "certainly be campaigning for us to remain" and asked if Corbyn would do the same, replied: "If it's a choice between a disastrous Tory Brexit or no deal, and remaining, then that is what we will have to do".

Watson added: "The one thing I say to my colleagues and half a million Labour Party members is that I am not going to allow them to be tainted by racism, so I am going to speak out on anti-Semitism for as long as it takes to root it out and deal with it".

Corbyn has said racism, including anti-Semitism, in the party is "absolutely unacceptable". He said 3 million European Union citizens in Britain and 1 million United Kingdom citizens in other European Union countries "should never have been used as a bargaining chip".

May had repeatedly ruled out delaying Brexit, even after her deal - covering citizens' rights, the financial settlement, a transition period and plans for the Irish border - was overwhelmingly rejected by MPs in January.

Support for the Kyle/Wilson amendment has continued to grow including from two key figures, John McDonnell MP, Shadow Chancellor and John Cryer MP, Chair of the Parliamentary Labour party who warmed to the proposal over the weekend.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has offered Parliament the chance to delay Britain's scheduled March 29 departure if lawmakers fail to approve her divorce agreement with the bloc.

When another MP told Javid that the government had suggested it would fight the amendment, he said: "When did you hear that?" However, they believed a "proper whipping operation" by the Labour leadership could bring that number down. Stephen Kinnock warned a second referendum would be divisive for the country.

The 2016 referendum, in which 17.4 million voters backed leaving and 16.1 million backed staying, showed a country divided about much more than the European Union, and has fuelled soul-searching about everything from secession and immigration to capitalism and modern British identity.

I very much hope you will consider backing our amendment - which respects the result of the 2016 referendum, and one which safeguards jobs, investment and industry in this country.

  • Tracy Klein