We Need an Apple Prime Bundle

Apple has linked the credit card with the Pay Cash service.

Apple doesn't stand out in this plethora of credit cards, even with its much-hyped features.

Additionally, the card won't charge users for global transactions as well.

Similar to how banks and credit card companies ditched signatures as security chips became the norm, we could see card numbers disappear too.

In widely covered event Monday, the Cupertino, Calif., tech giant unveiled the 'Apple card, ' bragging that it "transforms the entire credit card experience". The company has partnered with Goldman Sachs to make its first credit card a success.

The company will launch this card within a few months to come. Purchases will be authenticated through Touch ID or Face ID. Alaina Yee and Jon Phillips discuss how interest rates, rewards, and benefits may not make it the right card for you especially when you compare it against other cash-back cards like the Citi Double Cash, Capital One QuickSilver, and Chase Freedom Unlimited.

Another unique feature that not only distinguishes the Apple Card from others but is also its biggest attraction is the Daily Cash rewards system. The cost of the service has not yet been released and will be available only on Apple devices and all games will be available with just one subscription. According to the report, Apple will likely put users at the low end of their respective rate tier.

The card itself is created to work solely and exclusively with the Wallet app which you can find on your iPhone.

Apple Card breaks down your spending habits like a budgeting app would. There are also no annual, late, global or over-the-limit fees.

According to Apple, its digital credit card will have no late fees, no annual fees, no worldwide fees and an interest rate among the lowest in the industry, however the fine print on this last point shows a pretty standard range of interest. You can get that information from the Wallet app on your iPhone. Apple will charge 1% for making an instant transfer from the Apple Pay Cash balance to a debit card. A physical Apple Card made of Titanium will also be offered. Apple News+, meanwhile, is available in the USA today priced at $9.99 a month (around £7.60 excluding taxes) with United Kingdom availability scheduled for later this year. The card is meant to be used as a payment method with Apple Pay at physical stores, online or in apps.

  • David Armstrong