Ariana Grande Seemingly Comes Out as Bisexual in 'Monopoly'

Monét previously worked with the pop star on Thank U, Next as a co-writer on 'NASA,' '7 Rings,' and the title track of the album among other numbers.

Ariana Grande doesn't "feel the need" to label her sexuality.

While the reception to the line was overwhelmingly positive, people were quick to point out that Ariana still hadn't put a label on her sexuality; she hadn't come out as bisexual. "I like women and men", Ariana sings in the song.

We're holding out hope for the former!

Mont is openly bisexual, though Grande has been vague about her sexuality in the past. Would it be a sugar-infused earworm from her Sweetener era or more like the sassy kiss-offs from her thank u, next LP?

"She'll say sexuality is fluid while still only dating men so she doesn't get accused of queerbaiting".

Mont is openly bisexual after she came out by writing "I also like girls" in a tweet past year.

Ariana Grande has responded to suggestions she might be bisexual, saying she doesn't "feel the need" to label herself. If revealing her sexuality in a lyric is her way of "coming out", then fair play to her. The hard-working superstar made sure to release the tune into the world alongside a music video!

In the new banger, both artists sing the indicative lyrics, however, many will recall that Victoria actually came out in November as bisexual.

She also added: "To friendship, freedom, protecting your energy and staying right in your bag we love you".

  • Gwendolyn Kim