Jets Reveal New Uniforms, And The Internet Obviously Had Strong Reaction

The New York Jets on stage as they unveil new uniforms for 2019 at Gotham Hall in New York City on Thursday, April 4, 2019. Inspired by relentless speed, the "Jet Edge" is a foundational design feature on all three uniforms.

"From the beginning, we wanted these new uniforms to have more of a NY grit to them", Johnson said in a statement.

Others, however, definitely did not. "Above all, this was done for the Jets fans who bring their own unique NY attitude and intensity to football, and now have a uniform representative of that for years to come".

The new Jets uniforms resemble those of the Michigan State Spartans and they haven't exactly wowed anyone yet. The new look is pretty sleek though.

Introducing new uniforms is a very delicate business for any team at the best of times. The numbers also have been updated with a new font that uses sloped angle, meant to evoke motion and force, according to Nike.

They're looking a lot like the Eagles now if you ask me, especially with the green tops and white bottoms.

Leonard Williams shows off the new black alternate Jets jersey. "They killed the helmet, that helmet is awesome".

From a historical perspective, the Jets change uniforms every 20 years, give or take. The just-replaced iteration of uniforms was created before the start of the 1998 season upon the request of then-coach Bill Parcells. The current logo and jersey design has been in place since 1998 and they added green trousers in 2002.

  • Steve Townsend