Twitter app's dark mode gets even darker with an OLED-ready update

It's easier on the eyes, sure, but if you want that true night time black experience, a dark mode should be black. Not all dark modes are equal, however, and some are more blue than black. Twitter has told Engadget that the night mode will be coming to the Twitter app on Android as well as to the web version "soon".

To enable the feature on mobile, users will have to head into their "settings and privacy" menu and then navigate to "display and sound". Twitter was one of those apps that had dark mode before Google started darkening up its apps, as did tons of other applications. You asked for darker! The update brings the new "Lights Out" feature which claims to make the existing Dark Mode darker.

The micro-blogging website Twitter has announced that it is rolling out a new update for the iOS users.

It seems like Dark Mode is the much-needed element on any app these days, and the ones who love this, might like this news! It also means that OLED displays will directly turn off pixels, thus providing true-black tones and saving a bit of battery in the process which is always a good thing.

In some apps, though, Dark Mode isn't really, well - dark. Twitter also argues that the proper black background helps reduce eye strain in a low-lit environment.

A few weeks ago, Twitter was reported to be working on a "subscribe to conversation" feature that would let users follow a thread without being involved in it in any way.

  • Kara Saunders