WhatsApp finally gives you control over which groups you're added to

WhatsApp on Wednesday said it has introduced a new invite system on its platform that will enable users to decide who can add them to a group. What this means is that WhatsApp now provides a new option in the Privacy settings of the messaging app called Groups.

Selecting the "Nobody" option will mean that you'll have to approve the request for joining every group to which you're invited. You'll have three days to accept the invite and if you don't reply, it expires automatically.

The feature not only lets you block group messages from numbers not saved in your phone; but it also lets you block everyone, including your saved contacts, from adding you to groups. The person inviting you to a group will be asked to send you a private invite through an individual chat.

Truly, it's such a pity we won't get anymore forwarded messages about how drinking cold water is going to give you stomach cancer. And, choosing the "Nobody" option will prevent everyone from adding you to a group.

Ever get exhausted of being added to different Whatsapp groups without your permission? On top of that, numerous users in developing countries like Indi, m who are still getting familiar with the idea of instant messaging via mobile phones, fall easy culprits to this trade. From there, one of the three options "Nobody", "My Contacts" or "Everybody" can be chosen.

Users have in the past complained about being added into groups they did not consent to and often having to leave the groups.

Giving users the choice to limit communication with people, they don't actually have in their contacts could help WhatsApp to curb misinformation, spread through its platform. Globally, social media acts as a big influencer, especially during the election season, and a lot of fake news is spread using the WhatsApp chat groups. It will be rolled out worldwide within the coming weeks, WhatsApp said.

Users need to go to the Settings to manage this feature Settings Account Privacy Groups menu.

  • Kara Saunders