Peoria Prepares for Illinois River Flooding

Officials in Davenport, Iowa, say they're not expecting flooding that swept into a section of downtown Tuesday to spread much beyond the couple of blocks already under water.

Closure of river traffic at one of the largest cities on the MS is a huge blow for commerce since many goods are shipped on barges up and down the river. The river is expected to crest Wednesday night a few inches short of the record. The weather service believes it will fall below flood stage at about 8 a.m. Saturday.

Now the level is at 18.18 feet and predicted to rise to 24 feet on Thursday at 1:00 pm.

Portions of a downtown Iowa city were flooded after a levee meant to keep the Mississippi River's rising waters at bay failed, officials said. "We want to protect it and our citizens".

Two Mississippi River bridges - one at Quincy, Illinois, and another at Louisiana, Missouri, have been forced to close. Emergency Management Director John Hark said the town plans to add 2 feet of additional height, probably using sandbags, on top of the levee.

A Flood Warning remains in effect until May 6th for the area.

Area lawmakers are headed to Davenport Friday to tour the flooding.

The Meramec River in suburban St. Louis is rising fast and will crest Sunday and Monday around 15 feet (4.5 meters) above flood stage in towns like Arnold and Valley Park, threatening several homes and businesses.

A baseball glove sits on the roof of one vehicle, and the trunk of another is open as they sit in Mississippi River flood waters behind the Peterson Paper Co.

Along the Osage River, high waters are inundating campsites at the Mari-Osa Campground.

  • Valerie Cook